YouTube Videos

Note that I do work full-time and only doing this for my own enjoyment which means videos will come sporadically and unsure how often I'll actually post new content.

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Whiteboard Art

The art enthusiasts in my current company started an internal chat group for whiteboard art challenges.

Due to the chat group, I started drawing on the whiteboards throughout my department. Every cubicle in our office has a whiteboard and the company provides plenty of dry erase markers.

Needless to say, dry erase markers is not an easy medium to use and obviously not meant for art. However, over time I started experimenting and created some interesting work which was very fun and got me back into drawing again.

Below are some of the office drawings I've done.

Drawings and Paintings

Much of this is older work. Haven't been in the habit of drawing or painting since my college years.


Once again, most of the below are older work from my college years.